Design Engineering

Norco Bicycles

Lead designer on:

  • 2019 Norco Fluid Alloy
  • 2020 20" and 24" Fluid FS Kids
  • 2020 Revolver Hardtail
  • 2020 Optic (2019 Pinkbike Bike of the Year)
  • 2021 Sight Carbon
  • 2022 Range (2021 Pinkbike Bike of the Year)

Managed kinematic research and development for all 2019 to 2022 Norco Bicycles including 3 generations of Sight VLT e-bikes, 2020 Shore, and 2022 Range High Pivot develoment project.

Developed a proprietary kinematic analysis software to explore new paradigms of suspension development.

Used real spring data to provide defined metrics for midstroke support allowing indepenent tuning of spring and damper support.

Was an integral part of developing the Norco Ride-Aligned system of rider-specific tuning. Created dynamic setup charts that map damper and springs settings to individual riders. Adapts the bike to riders of varying skill and morphology with a high level of accuracy.

2022 Norco Range Frame
2020 Norco Sight Frame
2020 Norco Optic Frame
Ride Aligned Setup Guide graphic


Concept Bicycle Work:

  • Aluminium High Pivot w/ CNC BB shell.
  • Convetional Horst Bike Sharing Tubeset.

Rocky Mountain Bicycles:

  • Suspension development concepting.
  • Long travel mule development.

University of Victoria Hybrid:

Chassis lead for the the teams two formation years. Developed a wide range of mechanical parts and systems including:

  • Innovative pneumatic anti-roll system for progressive anti-roll properties and high adjustability.
  • Lightweight limited slip differential housing.
  • Electronic drivetrain packaging architecture to meet vehicle dynamics needs.
  • Vehicle suspension layout and packaging which was awarded the Doug Gore memorial chassis award along with a 1st place overall finish for the vehicle.
Idler Concept Bike
Horst Concept Bike
Formula Hybrid 1st Place Car
Formula Hybrid Uprights and Wheel Hubs
Formula Hybrid Electronic Throttle Body
Powertrain Layout

Research and Development


Bicycle data aquistion for multi-sensor recording. Includes:

  • 10kHz logging for high frequency suspension analysis
  • Complete sensor flexibiltiy including pressure, linear displacement, temperature, GPS, and strain gauges.
  • Bluetooth communications to stream live sensor data to the web browser. Live suspension sag measurement.
  • Comprehensive data analysis suite with time and histogram anaysis with adjustable filters.
Data Aquistion System
Processing software screenshot
Data Aquistion on Bike

Race Development

Suspension design, setup, and tuning for race applications.

Developed strategies for iterative kinematic tuning to best match damper capabilities while maintaining desired midstroke support point. Familiar with the needs and setup requirements of world cup athletes.

Race linkage
Test bike with data aquistion
Suspension Test Mule


Full stack development on a modern linkage design application. Aimed to drastically improve the capabilities of bicycle kinematic software. Software functionality includes:

  • Kinematic plots with a true force-based solver (no graphical approximations)
  • Ability to load real spring curves to allow true comparison of spring support between different bikes and setups. Support for volume spacer, pressure, and coil spring rate adjustment.
  • Flip chip design tool offering instant feedback on changes to geometry and kinematics from flip chip configurations.
  • Black-box solving algorithim to quickly find point positions that match your desired kinematics. Leverages high core count cloud computing for fast solutions.

Skilled with:

  • Node/Javascript/Vue - Python/Matlab
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Docker/CI-CD/Serverless
  • Fast proof-of-concept work
syn Linkage app screenshot
syn Main website

Geometry Tools

Micro-application to quickly see the impact of bike component changes on geometry and rider fit.
syn Geo application screenshot

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